Sándor Halmosi (1971), Hungarian poet, literary translator, editor, publisher and mathematician, was born and attended grammar school in Szatmárné - meti (Satu Mare, Romania).

He lived in Germany for 16 years and graduated from the University of Stuttgart. Since 2006 he has been living in Budapest, Hungary. Besides all his literary activities he gives presentations on tradition, poetry, language, and symbols. He attaches importance to promoting poetry and cultural dialogue, as well as the interconnection of literature and fine arts. In 2016 he started making cloisonné enamel artworks.

Halmosi is the founder of many literary and cultural associations, organizer of workshops and salons, member of the Hungarian PEN Club (Budapest) and of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (EASAL, Paris).

He has been closely connected to a global network of poets and writer associations. He published a literary manifesto in February 2020, with the title Ora et labora. Cryingout for Pure Literature. This is an attempt to shine a light on the spiritual crisis of the world, through an authentic poetic stance and the responsibility of the literates – independent of their respective countries, linguistic and social characteristics.

Volumes (Hungarian):

Showing off with the Demons, 2001
You were a Sun Girl, 2002
Laurel Grove, 2003
Which is Solomon’s, 2004
On the Southern Slopes of Annapurna, 2006
Gilead, 2009
Ibrahim, 2011
The Passion of Lao-Tse, 2018
– Apocryphal trilogy: –
Apocrypha, 2020
Meltdown, 2021
Cathars (ongoing)

Halmosi Sándor
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