”If there is a lot of light, we close our eyes. There is a lot of light. We can’t turn a blind eye.“ The settled rhyme poetry of Sándor Halmosi is getting more and more angular, splinters occur at the most unexpected places, or elsewhere, the pulsating body of the poem is breaking and cracking. It is enough for us to touch it, and we immediately sense our own „patchwork-life”. This comes in handy when it hurts. There isn’t a single poem in which we cannot find a vacancy that belongs to us, the readers. A sophisticated modern and nearspiritual sensation of the world, a distinct Halmosibrand. Precise poetry, reliably measuring angelic density.

András Visky

Sándor Halmosi (1971) is a Hungarian poet, lite - rary translator, publisher and mathematician. He lived in Germany from 1989 to 2006. He is the member of the European Academy of Science, Arts and Letters (Paris). His poems are translated into many languages. In early February 2020 he wrote a literary manifesto titled Ora et labora and, at the end of February, in seven days, Apocrypha.
His books in Hungarian language:
Showing off with the Demons (2001)
You were a Sun Girl (2002)
Laurel Grove (2003)
It belongs to Solomon (2004)
On the Southern Slopes of Annapurna (2006)
Gilead (2009)
Ibrahim (2011)
The Passion of Lao-tse (2018)
Apocrypha (2020)
Meltdown (2021)

Halmosi Sándor
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