Magyar Filozófiai Szemle/Hungarian Philosophical Review 2023/2.

Teleology is rarely discussed in contemporary philosophy outside of a few highly specialized areas. One of those is the history of Aristotelian thought, where teleology is seen as a central feature of the biological and human world, indeed, of substances in general. Another is the philosophy of biology, where experts debate the viability and proper shape of a modern, naturalized conception of teleology, one that is compatible with Darwinism but still allows us to talk about functions and goals with respect to organisms. Both of those research programs can suggest that robust teleology has no theoretical relevance any more (it belongs in the philosophical museum) and that goal-directedness, to the extent that it exists, is best analyzed in a reductive naturalist framework.

The present collection tries to buck this trend by offering alternative views about the history, meaning, and contemporary relevance of teleology. The papers attempt to show that fairly robust concepts of teleology, besides their historical importance, are still relevant in biology, metaphysics, the theory of action, and ethics. 




Teleology: Old Wine in New Skins (László Bernáth – Dániel Kodaj)



Michael Ruse: Darwin and Design

Gergely Kertész: On the Status of Teleological Discourse. A Confusing Fiction or a Description of Reality?

Erik Åkerlund: Models of Finality: Aristotle, Buridan, and Averroes

Gyula Klima: Teleology, Intentionality, Naturalism

Dániel Kodaj: The Metaphysics of Spooky Teleology

Mohsen Moghri: An Axiological Ultimate Explanation for Existence

László Bernáth: The Aporia of Categorical Obligations and an Augustinian Teleological Way Out of It

Ferenc Huoranszki: Intentional Actions and Final Causes



Ayumu Tamura: The Role of Experience in Descartes’ Metaphysics. Analyzing the Difference Between Intuitus, Intelligentia, and Experientia

Attila Hangai: What is Rational Reconstruction in the History of Philosophy? A Reply to Live Reconstructivists




Bernáth László, Kodaj Dániel (szerk.)
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