Paradigm Shift in Constitutionalism

Professor István Stumpf serves as the President of the board of the foundation maintaining the newly founded University of Tokaj. In 2021, he was appointed to be the Government Commissioner responsible for model change of Universities and a member of Government Committee for Rural Development. Later on, he became an honorary member of the Hungarian National Museum Advisory Board. Previously he was the Founding Director of István Bibó College at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (1982–1988).

He also founded the Századvég Foundation, the first Hungarian think tank and was its director for two decades (1991–1998, 2002–2010); he was Deputy Prime Minister leading the Prime Minister’s Office (1998–2002). He served as Justice at the Constitutional Court of Hungary (2010–2019).

He holds a university degree in Law, an MA in Sociology and a PhD in Political Science. He spent years in the USA as a German Marshall Scholar and IREX scholar (Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, and GWU, Graduate School of Political Management).

Professor Stumpf has been a Senior Researcher at the Political Science Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 1987; Professor of Constitutional Law and Political Science Department of Széchenyi István University Faculty of Law, and Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law. He is a Senior Research Professor at National Civil Service University, American Studies Research Center since 2018.

He is a member of several academic and professional associations (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central Eastern Europe; International Political Science Association, European Judicial Network) and editorial boards (President of Editorial Board: New Hungarian Public Administration; editorial membership: Századvég; National Interest; Politikatudományi Szemle; Member of Editorial Board: Hungarian Conservative).

He is author and editor of numerous articles and books in the field of political socialization, parties, electoral systems, constitutional and governmental structures, separation of powers and the rule of law. His latest books “Constitutional Jurisprudence and Constitutional Identity” has been published by Gondolat Publishers in 2020 and “Reinventing Government: Constitutional Changes in Hungary” in 2017.

His awards/honors include: the Master Teacher Gold Medal (2017), the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, Grand Cross Star (2019), the Ferenc Deák award, Lifetime achievement award of the legal Professionals (2019), the István Bibó award, Award of the Hungarian Political Science Society (2019); Confrérie de Tokaj.

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